Shinji (April 2018)

April Main Shinji

All human beings are in Kami’s hands and are born with the strength (unmei) to be useful in the world (society).
But, unable to perceive the existence of Kami, they live believing that knowledge is absolute.
This is why societies are created that go off the path and cannot make the best of humanity’s efforts; thus, suffering deepens.
If the present continues, negative jittai will overrun the world (society), human beings will be overwhelmed by the strength (unmei) of the times; and they will leave behind regrets when their life comes to an end.
To the Shinja
Many unmei will come together and complement each other; paradise exists in an era that nurtures.
Know this truth (principle); effort is needed to live supported by the teachings that Kami has given to the world (society) through Shisha.
The teachings are what guides the human kokoro on the right path.
This is where many unmei will come together and a society is created that allows all people and living creatures to live.
The teachings are principles.
For human beings to achieve a life without regrets, it is vital to learn the teachings and strive to make the best use of them with your kokoro (jittai).


April 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

The more human beings, who live through their kokoro (unmei-jittai), learn the teachings and use them to support their kokoro (life), they will achieve a life guided by their unmei.
Look at society to know why human beings are troubled, suffer, and leave behind regrets.
When life is lived with a belief in knowledge without principles, human beings will always lose their way, lower their jittai; and their troubles will deepen.
To the Shinja
Having learned the teachings, can you see the true human kokoro?
The more you learn, the more you will begin to see your life; and the anxieties and uncertainties in your kokoro will disappear.
The presence of Kami is not reflected in the kokoro of human beings who believe that knowledge is absolute.
Unable to perceive the mysteries of this world, they will rely ever more on knowledge without principles.
Their efforts will not bear fruit and what is left is regret in the coming twilight years.
Society today will be going under a great change.
It cannot be understood based on past knowledge and experience.
Realize that this is an age where the kokoro (life) is lived supported by the teachings.


April 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Learn the teachings that you may live each day of your life positively and with peace of mind.
Your kokoro will gradually anchor and you will become a human being who enjoys their encounters with other people and things.
This is the human being who lives their life guided by their unmei through Kibō no Michi.
To the Shinja
Look at the people who live in the society around you.
You should be able to see their troubles, stemming from their encounters with other human beings, and their suffering, unable to make the best of their relationships.
Without an understanding of the principles, human beings cannot live a life without regrets.
Knowledge confuses the kokoro and lowers the jittai—suffering deepens as they go against what is right.
The moment when the causes of suffering is seen, shinja must learn the teachings; this is the time for your kokoro (life) to be supported by the teachings.
The principles show how the kokoro must be in life.
The kokoro (life) of the human being, who walks the right path, is protected and guided within Kami’s hands, and they will attain kaiun.
The kokoro (life) of the human being, who attains kaiun, leaves behind a good jittai; and many joys and encounters filled with meaning and purpose await them in their next life.


The Main Points of the Shinji for April 2018

All of us are born into this world with an unmei given to us by Kami and the strength to be useful in society. That’s why it’s important to learn the right way to live from Kami so that the strengths of each person can be expressed and made use of. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people live and depend on effort and misguided knowledge unaware of a larger existence that is beyond human understanding.
Effort does not bear fruit unless it reflects your unmei, unless the time is right, or unless the time, place, and your position are in sync.
Knowledge and effort are absolute in today’s society; and self-centered thinking is widespread. When we live this way, our jittai is lowered, the times engulf us, and we leave behind regrets.
When we live by Kami’s teachings, the unmei of each person comes together and they complement each other. We’re able to use our strengths for the sake of others; and as a result, we’re appreciated and our life gains meaning and purpose. However, the human kokoro is vulnerable and despite our resolve to live by the teachings, it’s quickly forgotten in the day-to-day goings-on in our lives. This is why, it’s essential that we kigan often and try to practice the teachings. When Kami’s teachings become a part of us, we’re able to make the right decisions all the time regardless of the time, place, or position we are in. Because we’re able to deal with a variety of everyday events, a society is created where the best is made of all people and things. Kami’s teachings are essential to attaining a life without regrets. Let us strive to learn the teachings continuously, and to make the best of the way we feel, think, and live.